December 28, 2013

Dark Night Snowflakes

I want to create a non-traditional look for Christmas and this is what turned up!

One more snowflake manicure this year.  I want to create something is different from my Simple Snowflake.  The base is E-Nail Marble, a pure dark.  I used Banana Boat and color bullet white for the rest.  Actually, I put a bit My wish on the background, but it's barely noticeable. Yellow and black combination are more toward to un-traditional Christmas colors, but it also gives a different dimension to snowflakes.  I personally admire this look a lot.  However, I think it needs a bit more gold glitters to make it more outstanding.  Maybe next time lol
December 26, 2013

Laced Christmas Tree

Is it cool? It's the google new function called 'Auto Awesome' effect!

I haven't used the nail stickers for a while.  I like free-hands more than the pre-made stickers.  However, I still recommend to get some in the collection.  They are convenient and fast way to create manicures.  I used E-Nail Christmas Tree as base, this is their December limited edition.  I don't find this color very Christmasy, nevertheless, I like teals.  I used to be suck of applying lace stickers, because they are harder to measure and required a cut.  After a couple attempts, I found that using little knife is easiest way, but it has to be use with caution.  I think Christmas Eve required something pure and simple.  Although I like shopping and bright colors, the most important reason celebrating Christmas is for Jesus Christ and secondly, family reunion.  Happy Holiday again everyone!

[Purchase] Got my Christmas Present!

Hehehe, I want this for a long time and now I finally have it!

December 25, 2013

Christmas Cookies Inspired Manicure

They look yummy, aren't they?

I create another Christmasy mani inspired by cookies yum yum yum!  I use E-nail Mocha and Chocolate for the bases, My Wish, Banana Boat, The Wizard of Oz, Little Cherry and color bullet white for decoration. I also add a bit silver sparkles.  I want to bite my fingers when I finished. lol  Eh, the ring finger supposed to be an icing cookie, not sure if people can recognize it.  My favorite is the small finger pattern and I may use this element in other winter manis soon.
December 24, 2013

[Life] Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey, it's Christmas today and it's the best time of year.  I wish everyone can be with family or enjoy some good time and delicious food.  Christmas is not a national holiday in Taiwan, so I don't get a day off.  I am still happy seeing a lot of family united pictures on my FB.  Enjoy this wonderful time and do some nails please lol
December 23, 2013

Blue Simple snowflake

Blue, light blue and white create a harmonic feeling!

My new creation for the winter.  I used Popeye as base, Baby Blue and color bullets (white and silver sparkle).  Nice and easy.  I really like the bright blue, it gives a clean feeling to the snowflakes. Sparkles look like crystals!  By the way, I notice about that there aren't many Taiwanese girls wore bright colors.  I am wondering if that's a cultural thing or not (?)

It's Christmas Eve today in Taiwan, no matter where you are in the world, merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the time with family and love ones!
December 19, 2013

[Nail Talk] E-Nail Winter Color Guide

Nobody asks me, but I would love to show you some winter favorites from E-Nail in my collection.

December 12, 2013

[Nail Practice] Random Ideas and Some Christmas Brainstorming

There are tons of Christmas nail designs are saying hi on internet, I wish my nails can grow faster.

December 5, 2013

[Life] Can't Do Nail Arts for a While

You may notice about that I haven't posted any nail arts for a while already

November 30, 2013

[Announcement] E-Nail Competition

hey, everyone who has visited my blog:

I knew that I did not get a lot of audience in this blog, but it's a space for my personal habit and I enjoy every single comment here.  I am in love with E-Nail currently, and it's a Taiwanese brand for manufacturing water-based polishes.  Although the quality is great, they are quite pricey.  Now there is a great opportunity here: their Facebook page has competition every single month, from every 15th to the next as a period.  The winner can get 7 E-Nail polishes as prize!!!

My work Green Mash is honoured to be chosen to enter for the competition this month.  If you like my work and want to vote for me, please go to Facebook here.  The description is in Chinese, but no problem.  All you need to do is just "like" the photo.

PS: If I don't win this time, I may enter for next month and next next one since I have so many works produced per month LOL.  I would really appreciated if you do so.  Thanks a lot readers!

November 18, 2013

Black X Gray Border Nails

It doesn't look too appealing on the screen, but it's a very pretty design!

November 14, 2013
November 10, 2013
November 5, 2013

[Just Colour] Red Sandwich Technique

This manicure was done right before I left Canada, so that was like 2-3 months ago.

October 21, 2013
October 15, 2013
September 29, 2013

[Nail Arts] Pinky Clouds

Trust me, dotting tools are the best method to do clouds (don't do free hands like I did here).

September 27, 2013

[Life] Happy Birthday to Me!

Shhhh... woman's age frozen after she turns 18.

When I saw the picture on Google engine yesterday, I have a mixed feeling of both happiness and sadness.  God is very fair, he makes everyone aging the same rate.   But we can keep our appearance and heart young  like forever 21 (it's not an advertisement lol).  My goal is to look like 20 when I turn 40!

I am very lucky, because I had my family with me to celebrate my special day.  Also, the must, my boyfriend will celebrate my birthday together in this weekend.  I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years, but we are in a long distance relationship and had never spent any birthday together.  This is very very special for me to have my boyfriend on this occasion.  I am excited!
Hope he will get some nail supplies for me on this weekend too! (my guilty secret birthday wish!)

Happy Birthday to Me Again!

September 25, 2013

[Nail Arts] V-shape Pattern

I don't know why, but I am thinking about lime and lychee drinks when I look at this.

September 20, 2013

[Nail Arts] Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival after Nine Years

Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese celebration, and I haven't been able to do it for a long time.
Why? Because I did not get a day off in North America lol

September 18, 2013

[Purchase] Last Shopping Trip in Vancouver

I have been blogging for like 1 month, because I was busy packing and moving.  I lived in Vancouver for almost ten years and I had tons of junks to deal before my moving. It was very frustrated lol.  During the packing, I discovered that I own like 200-300 of nail polishes and I cannot bring all of them with me :(  I selected my favorites to come with me to Taiwan!

Also, I went shopping for some stuffs before I go (But you already have TOOO MUCH).

September 5, 2013

[Announcement] What Happened in the Past 2 Months

I did not plan to be away from  for sososososososoo long, but I did have some personal health issues came up and had no time for blogging.  Although I still have tons of stuff to work on and my issues are still ongoing problems, I now have time to blog again!

A week ago, I moved from Vancouver Canada to Taiwan.  Now I live in Taipei city and plan to stay here for a year.  I think that this is an excellent opportunity since Asia has a slightly different nail trends and styles which I can learn from lol. From now on, I will blog regularly.

Thanks for understanding.

July 14, 2013

[Just Colour] Bright Coral for Summer!

I haven't played with nails for 2 weeks ( unbelievable, eh?), feel strange to apply polishes again!

This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Peachy Breeze and decorated with some nail stickers. I like to use bright colours in summer, because they can show more tans of my fingers. I like Insta-Dri formula too! as the name suggests, that they dry really fast!

I need to practice applying polishes again lol, it is a skill that can be learned through more practices! Vancouver is currently sunny and I spent most of my time outdoor. I like walking in parks and play with water! Hope everyone is enjoying the weather now :)

July 13, 2013

[Purchase] America Trip & Julep Warehouse Haul

Yeah, I recently went on a 12 days trip to Arizona, California and Oregon. I don't really have a lot of time for shopping, because I was already exhausted when I got a chance to go shopping.

July 12, 2013

[Announcement] Away for 2 weeks

I recently went for a long family trip and I assumed I would have time to blog. It turned out that was not the case.  I also got a bad flu when I got back, so was unable to blog :(
I will be catching up for the blog posts very soon.  Sorry about that!