November 14, 2013

Strange French Manicure Combo

Now I understand that metallic finish do not look good with jellies.

I did this manicure at the night and only got 20 minutes to work with, so the details are not that great.  I used AQMORE Sweet Heart as base, a jelly-type polish.  Jenna Hipp Awards Season for the tips.  Yes, Jenna Hipp is not water-based peel-ables.  I wanted to know if the regular polish can be used with peel-ables.  Also, I own so many regular ones, cannot just abandon them, right?

In theory, the regular ones can be used on top of the peel-ables.  I tested and proved that It will be a bit difficult to peel off, but not entirely impossible.  I still prefer to use all the peel-able brand polishes to make the manicures.  By the way, I don't like this colour combo, the jelly finish seems strange with the metallic gold.  The flower is just an extra decoration that I could make it quickly.


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