October 3, 2013

[Nail Arts] Small X Big Dots

I love jewelry designs recently and this is what I came up.

I apologized for the strange colour of my pictures lately.  My new home uses yellow lights and I am not very familiar how to tone the photos yet.  The dots are more towards Tiffany blue in real life.  I like purple and blue colour combination.

I used Anna Sui 208, Jenna Hipp Freshmaker and Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything. When I label this post, to my surprise, I discovered that I haven't mentioned Anna Sui at all.  Anna Sui is one of my favorite polish brand.  I like their bottle design and formula as well. They also have many very special sparkle and finishes, usually quite girly.  The pitfalls are that they don't have a lot of selections and are very expensive in North America.  I remembered that Sears sell it $16/bottle, which equals 2 bottles of OPI.  I rarely purchase them and always look for dupes whenever I can.

208 has pearlized effect, and it is very elegant in the sunshine.  This colour is my all time fave.  I own about 8 Anna Suis so far, and the number may increase since I am in Asia now!    I hope that my BF see this and know what to get me for Christmas.

I am very fond to this nail art, and it will go well with some jewels for sure. What do you think?