November 20, 2013

Glittery Purple Flower

This mani reminds me of winter flowers that I saw in tundras.

I finally decided to get E-Nail this month special colour.  I don't know if I mention this before, E-Nail has special promotion for VIPs.  We can get a fixed polish every month for NT $200, which is around CAD $7.  A super great deal, but we cannot choose what we wanted... sort of a trick to lure people.  I don't mind, because I believe every colour is unique and useful.  For November 2013, E-Nail special is this purple glitter colour called Fifth Avenue.  I chose E-Nail Sleeping Beauty as base, My Wish, Banana Boat and colour bar White for the design.  Don't ask me what is colour bar yet.  I felt so guilty for buying a lot those days.

My BF really likes this design.  I guessed that he is in favour towards more girly style for me LOL.  I found that Sleeping Beauty is not very opaque.  The photo required at least 3 coats to show that purple.  I really enjoy this mani and do not regret for purchase this polish.

Actually, I got 2 new polishes.  Yes, Fifth Avenue is the special this month, but what about another one? I dunno, it seduces me and tells me take her home. lol  My collecting power is unbelievably crazy and I officially announced that I own over 10 E-Nail polishes now. (more coming?)


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