December 5, 2013

[Life] Can't Do Nail Arts for a While

You may notice about that I haven't posted any nail arts for a while already

Yup, this is the reason! My two nails BROKEN! Very large zips! I  am applying nail glue daily to stable it, but they are serious damage and I can't do any polishes on top of them.   Thanks to my little sister, who accidentally used her toys to break them.  Well, I estimate that it takes at least 2 weeks to grow out, assuming the shortest possible length.  I am so sad.

In the meanwhile, I want to share my first nail imagine.  I don't usually purchase fashion magazines, because they are full of advertisements and sometimes not the wanted information.  My favourite magazine is National Geographic LOL  Anyway, same goes to this one.  This is a Taiwanese mag called "Nails", very obvious title indicating what it is about.  It's cheap, NT $100, or CAD $3.5.   The information really SUCKS.  Yes, the mag should talk about nails, but in reality the nail information is about 10 pages.  Only ONE page about step-by-step nail art.  Rest of them are about lashes, make-ups, and lots of advertisements.   Can't believe why this mag still exists? No reader complainants? maybe I should give them one.

However, I may still get it in the future.  Why? because the magazine comes with great goodies! This is herbal&Magnolia scented  message oil comes with purchasing the mag.  It's not moisturizing at all, but a very delight scent.  I like to use it when my mood is down.  I believe this cost about NT $200 or more.  So you see, the value of goodies comes with magazine is better than mag itself lol

By the way, I am going to school again soon.  This time I am learning about computer software including AutoCAD and some Adobe CS6 stuffs.  Do you notice about that I make my blog pictures a bit different?  They are my practices and trials of some Photoshop functions.  I hope you will like them :)


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