November 24, 2013

Little Flowers on Glitter

Don't know how to name this manicure lol

I was thinking about a possible island vacation while doing this manicure.  I used E-Nail Ice Cream as base, Fifth Avenue for tips and put a bit silver glitters from their colour bullet ( continue reading if you want to know what it is).  And then I used Strawberry (草莓), Banana Boat, Strawberry Yogurt (milky white) for flowers, and Ping-Pong ( 乒乓) for the heart of flowers.  As you can see, I am a complete E-Nail girl now lol

This design is easy and cute.  I really like how the silver glitter goes with Fifth Avenue.  It gives the purple glitter an extra dimension.  Hahaha, I am in love with this manicure.

Those are the Colour Bullets from E-Nail.  I believe that they are already discontinued.  They are the same texture as the regular E-Nail polishes, but the concentration is higher.  It makes doing detailed nail art easier than using the regular ones.  I bought those second-hand for trying out , they are about CAD $4.  I am in love and want more now lol.   E-Nail have a later version called "Colour Bars", which are similar to those bullets.

The comparison between Baby E-Nail (3.5 ml), Colour Bullet (1.5 ml) and regular polish (11 ml).  You can see the bullet is very small.  It's for partial nail arts only.  I would love to get some more colour bars or bullets soon ( Shhh.... can't let my mom and BF know about this).  Be honest, they are not as good as the acrylic paints, but safety is my major priority now.


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