November 27, 2013

Coco Break Time

It's getting colder in Taiwan, I need some hot chocolate!

Yes, you might ask me where are those colours from, well, they are new.  Last week, my mom and I had a shopping trip to a department store in Taiwan, called Q-Square.  I "accidentally" took my mom there and she bought me some polishes.  I will have a seperate post about this and few other new items that my BF bought for me.  Anyway, for this manicure,  I used E-Nail Chocolate 巧克力(light coco),  Little Princess 小公主(shimmer light brown/pink-ish), Mocha (dark brown) and some colour bullets.  The topcoat is still the old one, Beach Playland.

I really like those colours.  Besides purple, my favourite colour is brown.  It gives people a cozy, comfortable feeling and suits my winter mode.  Chocolate is more for Asian girl appetite, a very conservative colour.  I like the dark red and dark brown combination, too.  Do you like this manicure?  I received a lot of compliments :)


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