October 28, 2013

[Purchase] AQMORE Nail Polishes

Introducing a new brand to my collection!

Last week, my boyfriend has some health issues and they really scare me.  We had long discussion about our life style, potential cause of severe disease is our lives and our habits.  My boyfriend and I were concerned about my top 1 habit, which is playing with nail polishes.  It's true that I am very careful of polishes and I always seek for Big Three Free or even Five Free nail polishes.  But my frequency of playing nail polishes cannot be underestimated and they are potential risks for sure.

However, I am very into nail arts and I rather die without polishes :(  We start doing some researches to find safer brands that producing less toxic nail polishes.  I have to say it's a very hard task, because most of nail polish brands do not have good labels nor state those issues on their website.  There is a type polish called Water-based Peel-able Polishes, which are usually safe for pregnant women and kids.  For example, ToeShades, Suncoat, and Sula (the website seems down).  I am sure that there are more out there through.

Since I am in Taiwan now, I don't have any access to those brands.  Fortunately, Taiwan do have some local brands carrying this type of nail polishes, AQMORE and E-Nails.  They are quite different in terms of pricing; AQMORE is equivalent to drug brand and E-Nails is a departmental brand.  I immediately ordered a promotional set from AQMORE to try if I can accept them.  Peel-able polishes are safer, but definitely the lasting power and shining effect are not as good as the regular polishes.

This is AQMORE current promotional set, and it's very affordable.  5 X 4ml nail polishes is NT $200 included shipping. From left to right I ordered a topcoat, P035 Sweet Heart, P026 Lavender, P004 Fire Bug, and P003 Alice. Just for reference, those polishes also got Chinese names as well.

 My heart sunk when I opened the package, because the pink one is COMPLETELY dried out! Moreover, the brush of purple has some problem. I called their customer service and they immediately promised to replace that them for me.  I cannot say if that's related to their affordable pricing or their products are usually low quality, but that was my first impression.

The replacement arrived very quickly with care.  I like their little cute package.  Despite their product quality, the customer service is quite amazing.  I received this package within three days after I filed the case.

So I have total 6 usable bottles of AQMORE now.  The purple one is a repeat, but I can use another bottle after the good brush one is gone.  I like purple so I think that's a nice bonus!  I still need some time to test out those peel-able polishes and I may need to purchase some E-Nails to compare and contrast with AQMORE.  Again, my nail polish collection is growing! (hope my parents will never know about this lol).


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