June 20, 2013

[Just Colour] Holographic from Butter London

Holographic? It is like a rainbow coloured nail polishes and change with the reflection of light!

This is the holographic nail polish Fishwife from Butter London line. So far, I only own two holographic nail polishes ( one I gave to a friend as a gift already), included this one. I love holographic and many of brands come out with some collections this year (apparently it is the trend for this year too!). I am excited for all types of textures, name few here: crackle, milky glitter, holographic, liquid-sand... But be honest, only the creme nail polish is always wanted.

I like to wear holographic alone by themselves, because they are pretty enough and I don't want any nail arts to cover them lol. However, I guess less people mentioned that how dull they look without lights.  It is the texture most suitable for summers rather than winters. If you want to own few holographic, I suggest not to get the butter londons, because they are quite pricy. I owned two polishes by them in my collection, don't think I will have more if they don't have some crazy sales. Nothing wrong with them, they are great! I am just very cheap lol.


  1. this looks so similar to trustafarian, also from butter!

    1. Yeah, I was wondering if they are dupes hahaha