November 6, 2013

[Nail Arts] Purple X French Style

That's right, I am in a mood for purple and French manicures again!

I am purple addicted, and some time of year my French manicure spirit will surface again and take over.  It's a straightforward no brainer, just the french style and the lining. I like the match of light and dark purple so much.

I forgot to take photo of what I have used, so just name them here.  I used E-Nail Ice Cream (雪糕) as base, the french tip is done by Sleeping Beauty (睡美人), the lines are done by AQMORE Lavender.  Finally, the glitter is E-Nail My Wish, their member exclusive birthday glitter.

The bottle is Sleeping Beauty. Unlike Mocha, the colour is similar to what can be seen in the bottle.  I apologized for the messy lines, I was in the hurry.  My Wish glitter has more coverage than I expected, I guess this glitter can be wore alone itself.


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