November 28, 2013

[Purchase] E-Nail Shopping and Sable brushes

My mom got me some goodies! Guess what it is?

You may get tried of seeing those boxes already, hahahaha. I have three boxes now and I love love love them!

Those are my new colours.  From left to right: Baby Blue, Dream Lover (夢幻情人), Chocolate (巧克力), Little Princess (小公主), Ice Cream (雪糕) and Empress (定色小天后).   Yes, I have two Ice Creams, because it's a very useful colour and I like to stock up.  Empress is a concentrated topcoat.  According to E-Nail sales, it lasts longer than the regular ones, such as my Beach Playland.  Little Princess is a limited exclusive for this sale only, a non-peelable colour.

Move on to the next. These two brushes are my new lovers.  My boyfriend took me to a nail supply store to pick up some new brushes.  I heard a lot of good things about sable brushes, but they are much more pricer than the nylons.  One brush often costs a small fortune.  These two are cheaper sable brushes, not high end stuff.  However, they work MUCH BETTER than any of brushes I currently own.  I love them so much, because they can do very detailed nail arts! From now on, sable brushes only!

Lastly, two more nail polishes from E-Nail brand.  They are second hands, that my BF bought from online website.  The left one is called Lavender Farm (薰衣草田) with purple glitters, it's a topcoat similar to Beach Playland.  The right one is called Paradise Bird (天堂鳥), a light pink/orange shimmer colour.  All right, that's all my newbies for now lol


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