December 12, 2013

[Nail Practice] Random Ideas and Some Christmas Brainstorming

There are tons of Christmas nail designs are saying hi on internet, I wish my nails can grow faster.

Since I cannot do my nails, my passion goes on the wheels.  See! I completed another one here.  I really like that cow design and it reminds me of my best friend, she likes cows so much.

Another side of the wheel.  I like my little balloons design and the purple-snow flakes beside it.  You can see that I am picking up Christmas motif a bit here.  Maybe I need another gingerbread man design :)  I introduced my new polish Popcorn in another post, but you can see I try to create some variety in those designs.

I want to show that orange design closely.  That's my take of trying to replicate a new E-Nail polish that I really wanted.

This picture is downloaded directly from E-Nail's facebook page. It's their new December Arrival called Snowflake (雪花).  It's a pretty white glitter polish and I really want to have it.  I don't have extra $$ for shopping now and I can only try to recreate it.  Yup, my recreation is nothing similar to the real Snowflake at all. *sigh*  Should I get it ? lol ( Christmas is going to break my wallet).


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