October 15, 2013

[Purchase] Cuticle Oil Melodrama

I should slap myself for shopping again, but no nail-holic can resist them!

Don't underestimated the cost of the pic above.  Who told me everything is cheap in Asia, this person is definitely WRONG.  I got all these little supplies around NT $700, roughly CAD $ 25.  This is literately not much at all, just 2 buffers, 10 wheels of faked nails, 2 bottles of cuticle oil and some small stuffs.

I was a bit angry when I see the price tag of this pack.  10 Nail wheels are NT $200?  I can get in e-bay for much cheaper.  The problem is that I don't know how to write Chinese address in the system yet. damn!

It's my new cuticle oil by Justnail.  I have never heard of this brand before and it's made in Taiwan.  NT $140 is not too bad for 15 mls. Dunno if it's good or not.  I also bought a special "rolling-ball-tube" as my to-go.   I got this tube for NT $20 and I transfer the new cuticle oil into the rolling-ball-tube.  It's a neat idea and can save a lot of money, since the larger package, the cheaper the stuff is.

Look this, is it neat?  I will soon have a post about all my cuticle products.  As you can see, I am a junkie for cosmetic items. They work wonders!  I will soon have a post about my cuticle treatments. Stay toned!


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