November 4, 2013

[Nail Arts] Sweet Chocolate Nails

My first manicure using E-Nail only! Yeah!

It's a simple French manicure with some white dots as decoration.  Super easy to do and no hassle at all.  Also, the water-based nail polishes are thin and dry really fast.  I only spent an hour for this manicure, from applying to completely dry.  It's super amazing!  Yes, the wear time is a bit problematic for water-based polishes, they usually last about 1-3 days only.  Not a problem for me, because I change polishes almost next day or so now.  I have more time to think about what I want to create and can't wait to peel them off.

E-Nail only have Chinese names for their polishes, so I am gonna 'translate' them into English just for the readers. The brackets are their original Chinese names.  So I used Strawberry Yogurt (草莓優格) from the mini colour bar set, Mocha (摩卡) for the tips, and  Pink Panther (頑皮豹) for the base.  I forgot to included E-Nail topcoat in the picture, it's called Beach Playland (海灘樂園), that's the sparkles came from.

The bottle above is Mocha.  You may wonder why it looks like dark purple colour instead of the dark brown in the picture.  E-Nail polishes tend to change colour after they are completely dried out.  According to the sales, this is E-Nail's special feature for people to know if the polishes are dry or not.  The problem is that you have to try on in order to know what colour it actually is on the nails.  I think it's super fun!


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