December 16, 2013

Deep Purple with Purple Glitters

Hey, I finally can do nail arts (weeping!)

Yes, my nails are much shorter now.  In fact, they haven't been this short as far as I could think back in time.  Maybe in kindergartens?  Thank to god, even they are this short, I can finally start painting my nails colourful again.  Two weeks without polishing, I feel a bit hard to do the applications.  See, that's why skills need time to develop and they will easily go away if you don't continue to practice.  This mani is just a colour combination: Dream Lover (purple) and Lavender Farm (purple glitter).

Lavender Farm is a purple glitter topcoat, just like my Beach Playland.  I don't know why, the texture of Lavender Farm is problematic for me.  I wonder if that's because I got it second-hand.  Besides that, it's hard to identity its purple glitter, too.  Although purple is always my favorite, I am not in love with this topcoat.


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