October 29, 2013

[Nail Arts] Purple Flower Garden

Simple flowers are easy to draw and lot of fun.

I didn't spend a lot of time on this mani, just a habit to draw something on nails.  My purpose was to testify AQMORE nail polishes.  This manicure is very similar to my Garden Flowers. I was going to use AQMORE products only, but I only got few colours and pink is not available.

For this manicure, I used AQMORE P026 Lavender as base, Sparitual Calm & Clear, Essie Cascade Cool and AQMORE P003 Alice. I also tried out AQMORE topcoat.

I really like this purple (yeess, I am purple-addicted!) and the colour combination.  AQMORE Alice is actually a pale green, nothing similar to the bottle colour. I used three coats to achieve the green above.  This is my first manicure using water-based Peel-able nail polishes.  I have to say that the lasting power is very low.  I only got few hours with this manicure with their topcoat on.  It's not suitable for perfectionists for sure.  I like the fact that the manicure is very easy to remove.  Just soak the hands into warm water for a minute, the polishes peel-off with the help of an orange stick.  The problem is that the manicure can be totally destroyed after taking a shower.  That's also the reason why the instruction suggests to do manicures after showering.  In conclusion, I don't think this can last over 24 hours.

More tests will come soon.  If I can find a way to let them stay longer, I may use this type of nail polishes strictly after, just for HEALTH!


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