December 9, 2013

[Purchase] Pre-Christmas Nail Shopping

My BF got me two new E-Nail polishes !!

The white one is called Popcorn (爆米花), basically it's a white crackle/shatter.  Not a very special polish, but it's a NT $200 polish of the December.  Another deep teal colour is Christmas Tree (耶誕樹), yes, it's the limited edition for Christmas.  I don't think the colour is close to Christmas tree at all, but I am lovin' it!!!!!!! I love love love teal/ green-blues.

I already tried out Popcorn. It's different from OPI/China Glaze shatter/crackle finish.  Popcorn is more sheer and the break is more rounded.

The black one is also by Popcorn.  You can see the difference and variation that Popcorn can create.  For NT $200, a very very good deal! I love it so much and I can think about a lot of Christmas design just on top of my head.

I also got two new hairbands, they are $NT 50, a very good deal!  I am looking forward to my Christmas present and I can't wait to see what my BF will get.  hehehehehe!  There will be NO-SNOW Christmas in Taiwan, but the festive feeling is here already.  Can't wait!


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