November 8, 2013

[Nail Arts] Delicate Purple French

Purple and French manicure again!

I really like this manicure.  It's elegant design and simple to do.  The white tip and purple yellow bow are so cute.  I forgot to take picture of what I used again so name them here.  I used AQMORE Winter for the white tip, Lavender and Fire Bug for the bows.  E-Nail Ice Cream (雪糕) again for the base and Beach Playland (海灘樂園) as topcoat.

Good thing about the water-based peel-ables is that I can change my nails daily or every next day.  The problem is that even the hot water damages the cuticles through.  I may need something much stronger than LUSH lemony flutter.  Does such thing exist in the world?


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