November 10, 2013

[Nail Arts] Green Mash

I wasn't thinking too much when I did this manicure, just knew that I want greens.

I am getting lazy to take pictures of what  I used.  I only use water-based peel-ables, and I only own that many.  I guessed that after while, everyone can guess the colours LOL.  For this manicure, the base is E-Nail Bikini (比基尼).  I used Banana Boat (香蕉船), Wizard of Oz (綠野仙蹤) and Frog Prince (青蛙王子) for the mashes.

Not too bad, isn't it? I really like Bikini, it's very similar to China Glaze For Audrey.  You may notice that I have a lot of posts this month already, that was because the water-based peel-ables allow me to change my nails every next day or so.  I love this type of nail polishes and they are also better for health.  The pitfall so far is that E-Nail is expensive, so I cannot have new stuffs too often.  Hope Taiwan celebrates Christmas Holidays and they may have some promotions to save, or destroy my wallet. Hahahaha...looking forward to the sales!


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