September 29, 2013

[Nail Arts] Pinky Clouds

Trust me, dotting tools are the best method to do clouds (don't do free hands like I did here).

September 27, 2013

[Life] Happy Birthday to Me!

Shhhh... woman's age frozen after she turns 18.

When I saw the picture on Google engine yesterday, I have a mixed feeling of both happiness and sadness.  God is very fair, he makes everyone aging the same rate.   But we can keep our appearance and heart young  like forever 21 (it's not an advertisement lol).  My goal is to look like 20 when I turn 40!

I am very lucky, because I had my family with me to celebrate my special day.  Also, the must, my boyfriend will celebrate my birthday together in this weekend.  I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years, but we are in a long distance relationship and had never spent any birthday together.  This is very very special for me to have my boyfriend on this occasion.  I am excited!
Hope he will get some nail supplies for me on this weekend too! (my guilty secret birthday wish!)

Happy Birthday to Me Again!

September 25, 2013

[Nail Arts] V-shape Pattern

I don't know why, but I am thinking about lime and lychee drinks when I look at this.

September 20, 2013

[Nail Arts] Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival after Nine Years

Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese celebration, and I haven't been able to do it for a long time.
Why? Because I did not get a day off in North America lol

September 18, 2013

[Purchase] Last Shopping Trip in Vancouver

I have been blogging for like 1 month, because I was busy packing and moving.  I lived in Vancouver for almost ten years and I had tons of junks to deal before my moving. It was very frustrated lol.  During the packing, I discovered that I own like 200-300 of nail polishes and I cannot bring all of them with me :(  I selected my favorites to come with me to Taiwan!

Also, I went shopping for some stuffs before I go (But you already have TOOO MUCH).

September 5, 2013

[Announcement] What Happened in the Past 2 Months

I did not plan to be away from  for sososososososoo long, but I did have some personal health issues came up and had no time for blogging.  Although I still have tons of stuff to work on and my issues are still ongoing problems, I now have time to blog again!

A week ago, I moved from Vancouver Canada to Taiwan.  Now I live in Taipei city and plan to stay here for a year.  I think that this is an excellent opportunity since Asia has a slightly different nail trends and styles which I can learn from lol. From now on, I will blog regularly.

Thanks for understanding.