December 2, 2013

[Nail Practice] Recent detailed designs

Sable brushes rocks for detailed designs!

Yes, they don't look so different from other brushes at all.  In fact, they are very unattractive.  But look what can they do, you will be amazed!  The precision of these babies is unbelievable!

Look it! With sable brushes, I cannot do those detailed designs that I couldn't before.  My favourite is the bottom right mosaic design.  I am going to make that on my nails soon.

The other half of the nail practice wheel.  I used AQMORE polishes to practice because they are cheaper.  The colour brightness is low, so most of designs require 2-3 coats.  I really light the purple-yellow flower one on the centre!  The bottom left red one suits for upcoming Chinese New Year lol   Last word, everyone needs a sable brush if you are a nail-holic!


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