December 26, 2013

Laced Christmas Tree

Is it cool? It's the google new function called 'Auto Awesome' effect!

I haven't used the nail stickers for a while.  I like free-hands more than the pre-made stickers.  However, I still recommend to get some in the collection.  They are convenient and fast way to create manicures.  I used E-Nail Christmas Tree as base, this is their December limited edition.  I don't find this color very Christmasy, nevertheless, I like teals.  I used to be suck of applying lace stickers, because they are harder to measure and required a cut.  After a couple attempts, I found that using little knife is easiest way, but it has to be use with caution.  I think Christmas Eve required something pure and simple.  Although I like shopping and bright colors, the most important reason celebrating Christmas is for Jesus Christ and secondly, family reunion.  Happy Holiday again everyone!


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