June 20, 2013

[Subscriptions] Blackbox from Cult Cosmetics!

Yeess, I received my blackbox, it was FAST!

A half week ago, I signed up the blackbox from Cult Cosmetics! Currently, the first box is 50%. The regular box is $20 dollars + $5 dollar shipping!  So the first box is $15 included shipping. What a great deal!

This is what I received in my first Blackbox. Except I don't use Seche topcoat any more, everything is GREAT. For $15 dollars, it is definitely a steal. I googled and it seems that the box has slightly variations as well. The only problem is that I already have similar colours to those (yeah, I own maybe about 200 polishes already?). Otherwise I think this box is awesome!

The instruction inside is very clearly detailed.

The good thing about Cult Cosmetics is that they offer manicure videos to demonstrate different looks. I think that with $25 dollars, it is great great great investment if you are a starter. I cancelled my subscription right away after I received the box. I think it will be better for me to order the kits from their website directly, because I can choose the colours I wanted. Cult Cosmetics offers free shipping with purchase of $40 or over, I really think that it is a great service. I highly recommend them!


  1. Hi I love your blog and this post. Im thinking about getting this, I wrote a lil something about it on my blog and credited you. check it out please :)

    1. Thanks so much! I am sorry for the late reply, I was away for 2 weeks.