June 25, 2013

[Just Colour] Nfu-Oh Purple Flakies

My first (last?) Nfu-Oh polish!

This is Nfu-Oh #51, I ordered it a couple weeks ago from Nail Polish Canada site. It is a flakie (reflective sparks) nail polish.  I was so excited, because I have heard about how gorgeous Nfu-Ohs are. I love purple and I decided to order this one right away.

The bottle design is what caught my eyes first. They are very similar to Annie Sui style lol

Yes, the colour is so pretty, but I am very disappointed. First, I cannot find the information whether Nfu-Oh lines are Big Three Free or not from googling. I wrote an e-mail to the Nfu-Oh company and they never answered me.  I got heavy tipwears in the very next day, despite the fact I put my Poshe topcoat on. Really, the quality of the polish is below my expectation. I don't think I will order Nfu-Ohs again.


  1. I ordered a flakie in clear base, #40 from NPC and I HATE IT! It is gorgeous but it literally, and I mean literally, takes about four hours to completely harden. I actually contacted NPC and got a refund because the formula was so ridiculous!

    1. Whatttt?? I don't even know we can return it. If I know I would :( Yeah, I checked your Julep warehouse haul lol hahaha!