October 24, 2013

[Stamping] Golden Rose

How many times do I need to mention I love roses !?

I was watching the replay of Resident Evil while doing the manicure (hands were shaking lol).  I wanted to choose a bloody red, which is a  good choice for Halloween as well, but I don't have it with me. Dunno if Taiwanese celebrate Halloween or not (?)

I used Julep Bille Jean as base, and stamped Bundle Monster BM-323 with Julep Sienna on top.  My boyfriend chose the BM stamping pattern for me and told me to go with a gold colour.  I guessed he's right!

I received a lot of compliments for this manicure.  I love purple and Billy Jean is just gorgeous.  I wish Sienna can be more sparkly and golden through.  Even though it's not very halloween-y, this manicure is still very good for autumn.


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