February 14, 2014

Valentine's Manis: Melting Hearts and Dessert Chocolates

For Valentine's Day, I decided to do something different this time!

 I created two looks for Valentine's day: Melting Hearts and Milk & White Chocolate Desserts, pick one to impress your BF lol  The right side is a Shakespeare sonnet that I like very much.

February 11, 2014

Pink Spring Sprouts

I think I chose the wrong base for this mani, but it turns into something unexpected :)

I am so looking forward for spring, Taiwan is unbelievably cold now.  Indeed, I don't even know how can Taiwan be colder than Vancouver, but it certainly does.  I use E-Nail Pink Panther as the base, the rest are mix of other E-Nail colors or color paints.  I am getting lazier to name the polishes, since I use exclusively water-based nail polishes from now on, and I only have that many.  People may get tried of those polish names.

The flowers are not very neat due to the problem I am having with my gold paint.  I am looking for a higher concentration gold color paint to deal with this issue.  You may notice I prefer gold over silver most of  time, same goes to all my accessorizes.  I feel gold is a more bright, happier color, it feels like sun.  It's a very judgmental statement for sure lol

February 10, 2014

Classic Chinese New Year Theme

After a week of relaxing vacation, I finally got time to upload my Chinese New Year manicure!

February 6, 2014

Opposite Funky Stripes

I really love this mani, this is probably the most satisfying work after the new year fireworks!
PS: The Chinese New Year mani is still on the way, so lazy to post after the holiday lol