November 18, 2013

Black X Gray Border Nails

It doesn't look too appealing on the screen, but it's a very pretty design!

If I remember correctly, I saw this design last year on a Chanel's poster.  It's a classic white and black combination, very elegant in it's way.  I only saw some other manicures using similar idea, but pink and black to create barbie look nails.  It's quite fun!   I used AQMORE Satan and Winter for black and white.  This picture is without a matte topcoat.

It supposes to be black and white, but, as you can see, the winter is not very pigmented and it turned a bit gray rather than white on my nails.  Quite disappointing.  The water-based polishes are sheer than regular ones, it's very hard to achieve the full brightness of the colour.

Then, I applied Julep Matte Topcoat to change the look.  I like this one better because it sort of looks like stone finish.  It's very interesting process to see the polishes been mattifying.  Except the white turns into gray, I really like this manicure and I would love to re-create it soon if I can find a way to make this more pigmented and brighter.


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