October 7, 2013

[Just Colour] Hot Pink Sugar Foam

I must admitted that this hot pink is not for fall trend.

I finally have a chance to go through some of the polishes I purchased long ago. This is Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Collection Cotton Candies and I switched it's sister Bubble Plum before here, check out if you are interested. Wow, that was back in May.  I usually like hot/bright pink, but I dislike this one.  It makes my hand look a hint of ashy, maybe due to the lack of sunlight currently in Taiwan.

The formula is not so different from it's sister through, nothing special to me.  In other words, a nice-have one but not a necessary item.  The so-called sugarcoat/seashell/liquid-sand trend is gradually dying out as well,  I think in the long run, this texture will be out of market soon.  Get them now if you like them that much!


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