November 24, 2013

Light Blue Rose

I wore this manicure for the last Sunday when I had a family trip.

I haven't created something this simple in a while.  Just the colour, glitter and some nail stickers.  I was in a hurry, and this whole thing only took me about 15 mins.  Impressive, isn't it?  I used E-Nail Baby Blue, My Wish and Beach Playland for this manicure.  Yes.... I got few more polishes recently and Baby Blue is one of them ( you said you will chop fingers off if you buy more?)  I am a bit disappointed by this colour, because it is more gray-ish than I expected.  I want something more close to the sky blue.

My BF said that isn't too bad for 15 minutes.  I guessed he's right, but can't help to feel there are some more stuffs to be done.  Now I start to worry about if I can bring those stuff to-go one day lol.


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