December 18, 2013

Simple Pinky Christmas

I really like this forest green for this season!

I used Strawberry and The Wizard of Oz for the bases, color bullet white and My Wish for the decorations.  I wasn't thinking anything particular, just do it.  You may notice about the difference between the bottle and the color on the nails.  Even though some E-Nail polishes change colors when they become dry, I notice about that the red/pink colors have stronger effect.  I really want to have a real red soon, red is so useful for nail arts and I haven't got it yet.

There is a lot of room for improvement.  The white lines are so wiggly! Maybe I should change them into curves lol?  yea, it's not my best, but I really like this design and color combination.  The pink looks more energetic than the true red.  Do you like it?


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