September 18, 2013

[Purchase] Last Shopping Trip in Vancouver

I have been blogging for like 1 month, because I was busy packing and moving.  I lived in Vancouver for almost ten years and I had tons of junks to deal before my moving. It was very frustrated lol.  During the packing, I discovered that I own like 200-300 of nail polishes and I cannot bring all of them with me :(  I selected my favorites to come with me to Taiwan!

Also, I went shopping for some stuffs before I go (But you already have TOOO MUCH).

I got this in Costco in the States, it's a nice set consisted 12 X 5ml polishes and one nail file.  I heard that Jenna Hipp is a celebrity nail artist, but not sure what's special about her.  I like this set, because it's 5 FREE and the price is awesome! $15 dollars for this set! Definitely a steal!

A nice Nicole by OPI set gifted by my friend, Ariel. Tons of thanks to her! It's neons!! (screaming!) I am so happy when I received this gift!

I also visited Lush before I go. Lush Lemony Flutter is my ABSOLUTELY staple, I got two jars in case I cannot find it in Taiwan. 

Lastly, I got my staple shampoo BIG and a mask called Magnaminty (not in the picture).  I should get a large jar of Magnaminty, because I love it so much and it was almost gone already.  Hope I can get some in Lush Taiwan.

No more shopping for a while lol ( the truth is, I don't have any Taiwanese dollars and I cannot go shopping in there unless I find a job).  I will always always miss Vancouver!


  1. Oooh I have seen the Jenna Hipp one, can't to see you do some swatches!!