November 3, 2013

[Purchase] E-Nail Crazy Shopping Trip

I love love love E-Nail polishes!

Yes, I went shopping again and this time a departmental store purchase.  I must be crazy because I cannot afford to live already, but I am so happy to see my new stuffs.  E-Nail is a Taiwanese brand, who manufacturing water-based peel-able polishes.  I found a great blog about this type of nail polish, it's limitation and benefits.  If interested, please check Heidi's blog here and the list of manufacturers producing peel-ables here.  I guessed that E-Nail is not so famous, because they don't have English titles and English websites.  It will be hard for international buyers to purchase them.

Those are the gifts. One Coupon for a manicure, a card holder, and a NT $100 coupon for future purchase and a nail painting guide.  Doesn't seem too good right? I have the same feeling.  I was going to give that card holder to my BF, but he doesn't seem to keen with pink LOL

This is what I LOVE and PAID for.  The package is super super adorable.  They are sososososo cute.  I regret that I didn't ask for a spare box, just for emergency.  Every time I look at those boxes, they made me smile. I got 11 regular polishes and a mini set of 5, plus a dotting tool.

The bottles are CUTTTTE!  The store owe me one colour, which is currently out of stock.  I will get it maybe next week.  The mini colour nail bar is tiny but beautiful.  I cannot describe my happiness.  I already did 3-4 manis using my new collection.  Have to say I am absolutely in love!

This is called Baby E-nail CBA- The Mini Nail Bar.  They are 3.5ml each, quite small, but useful for nail arts.  It's limited edition and I feel so fortunate to get my hands on a set.  E-Nail only has Chinese website, if you are interested, you can check them out here.  Their polish is market for CAD $15 each, but 20% discount for members and a lot of other promotions.  They have new colours every single month (to lure your money) and a promotion as well.  Each month the member can get a fixed colour for NT $200.  I spent almost NT $3400, equivalent to CAD $120 for this purchase, with a lot of "help" from my dear BF.  Thank him so much!

From now on, I will use them often and hope this collection will GROW STRONG soon!


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