November 5, 2013

[Just Colour] Red Sandwich Technique

This manicure was done right before I left Canada, so that was like 2-3 months ago.

Although it does not look so spectacular in the photo, the finish in the real life is very similar to the gel finish.   I forgot to take the picture right away after I finished this mani, so that's why it has some tipwears.  I tried the technique called "Sandwich" this time, which consists one coat true colour base, one coat glitter and one coat jelly finish.

I used Essie Head Mistress, Ciate Enchanted Rose, and Julep Wendy (jelly finish). I am a bit annoyed by Julep Rock Candy series, they are very sheer and unlike most of jellies I have tried before.

I like the fact that Enchanted Rose is a pure glitter polish, so I can see the true colour of Head Mistress.  I think it's a must-have in everyone's collection and it's a very beautiful red.

You can see that Julep Wendy is very very sheer in the bottom.  It is a supplemental polish in my opinion.  I haven't tried other Rock Candies yet, but  expect they will be very similar to this one.  Sandwich is amazing invention, just layer 3 nail polishes and this amazing look will be done.


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