June 16, 2013

[Stamping] Lime Candy

Vancouver is getting hotter those days, and I cannot wait to enjoy the summer!

Oh, I noticed about I did not use the stamping sets for quite a while and my BF is complaining how I was crazy  about them before. I guess I need to show him some uses to PROVE I still like/use them! I love stamping because it is quick and easy. At the same time, they don't provide the same authentic feeling as free hand nail arts though! Don't get me wrong, I love them both and I will for sure continue buying/using more stampings!

This is a straight forward two colour gradients X stamping manicure. I used Sephora by OPI Read My Palm and Ciate Big Yellow Taxi combined with the Bundle Monster plate 306. First time using Sephora by OPI I am so intrigued. It is much better than Nicole by OPI in terms of formula and application. They are also more watery than I imagined! I need to haul some of them during their Christmas sales! Thanks again for Annie's generosity.

I want a mint ice cream now just by looking at this photo! Hahahahaha! Stamping really rocks!