March 2, 2013

[Nail Arts] Archaeology Inspired Nail Art

It's been a while since I updated.  I noticed that I didn't create a single entry in entire February! Can you believe that?  Of course I am pretty lazy on doing all the nail arts as well.  It's my last term before my graduation and I really want to try as many stuff as I can.  In addition, I am having a trouble with my archaeology class, which frustrated me a lot. Anyway, let's back to the nail talk!

I tried to minimize the time on doing nail arts now, since I am very busy. So the nail arts are not that special (admit to myself as well). But doing nails make me feel calm and happy :)

I did this nail art for the school opening! I was 100% excited to take an archaeology class this term (even though it turns out to be a disaster *sigh*)

The base colours are  Essie- Chinchilly and RGB-Toast that I received in my Glymm bag. My brother said that he cannot distinguish the difference, which is funny!  I love browny shades, so they are prefect for me!

Left Hand under Yellow light

Left Hand under white light

Right Hand under yellow light

Right Hand under white light

Well, I am left-handed, so of course the designs on right hands are often better than another :)

haha, does anyone know what's on the index figner? 


This is the first time I tried RGB, I have to say the formula and application are pretty good.  However, one bottle cost about $14? NO WAY for me.  This is the first nail polish I received from Glymm that I actually enjoyed.  I love their nail promotion, sounds like just RIGHT FOR ME. 

I did many other manicures during my absence, I will update them soon!

What do you think this archaeology-inspired nail design? I hope that my professor is appreciated (If he ever notices that? ) haha  


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