May 7, 2013

[Nail Arts] Colour Cluster X Silver Tape!

An extremely challenge manicure for people without patience !

I have seen a lot of really beautiful pictures of this type of manicure online! It's chic and beautiful! I haven't tried it, because I know that the amount of works required.  It is hard, not only different colours have to be carefully painted, but also I am very bad with the nail tapes.

I used Essie Where's my Chauffeur? (light blue-green), Tart Deco (orange) and Cascade Cool (pink), as well as Ciate Cabarent (purple). The silver tape came from an E-bay supplier. I admit that this is not prefect, there are a lot of rooms for improvement.  I can never wait for the nail polishes to dry before applying the tapes, that creates the uneven surface.

If I need to do something similar in the future, acrylic paint is my first choice. Compared with nail polishes,  they are much more easier to work with, especially for the design as complicated as this one.

All I want to say is, patience is required for doing nails! (which I don't have.)


  1. wheres my chauffeur is so pretty!

    1. I like it too, but I would love it to be brighter haha