November 6, 2013

[Nail Arts] Dots and Hearts Pattern

I wore this mani for my sister's birthday!

I used strictly AQMORE polishes for this mani, for testifying this brand.  I wasn't thinking anything particular, just used the dotting tools to create "something".  I know that they will peel off very soon.

I used AQMORE Alice, Lavender, Fire Bug and the topcoat.  The topcoat sucks, doing absolutely nothing to protect the design.  I do not recommend AQMORE topcoat to anyone who wants to try this brand.  This design only lasts about like 3 hours and all of them are half peel off.  I expected the peel-able polishes have short life span on nails, but not as short as few hours.

Although I like this green so much, the formula of Alice is actually very sheer.  The colour on the picture took about 3-4 coats to achieve and it will peel off quickly.  I don't think I will do a full manicure by Alice again, because it hurts wallet so much! LOL