March 20, 2013

[Nail Arts] St. Patty's Day Nails

 I always wonder what St. Patrick's day is about, and people answer me "It's an Irish thing!", yes, but why St. Patrick's? Why we celebrate that in Canada?
Anyway, even though I don't really celebrate St. Patty's day, I still make a nail art for it! Just to get into a festive mode!

I have been really busy recently for school, less time for nail arts and other habits. It is my last term in my undergraduate years, and I really want to do well on all the courses!

I pulled out all the green nail polishes I pretty much own and start some designing. I didn't plan too much for this nail art, so it just a no-brainer. Yes, some clovers+ some glitter, BINGO!

The camera I usually used is under repairing now, so the pictures were taken by my small digital camera! The qualify definitely is not comparable.

The main base colours are:  Ciate mini - Mojito and UNT- Emerald Vendome
Ciate mojito actually disappointed me. It takes me 3-4 coats to achieve a opaque layer :(  At lease the formula is nice! I forgot to take picture of the green glitter I used, It's Orly- Here Comes Trouble

It's not prefect, but it's cute!

It is very eye-catching from a far away distance!

Left hand, the gold and silver glitters are not very obvious!

Last picture, I really adore Ciate's bottle

Overall, I enjoy this nail art a lot! I received a lot of compliments as well! :)  I noticed about that I did not own many green shades in my collection lol.

I know that this post is going to be way LATER than the actual St. Patty's day, but I still feel the spirit when I reviewed the pics!

What do you think about my St. Pat's day manicure?