January 14, 2014

Bird of Paradise

I have to say, this is my least favorite E-Nail polish so far!

I have been quite busy recently and will be busier after the Chinese New Year.  I am back in school again, so it's harder for me to keep up the manicures.  Eh, I will find some slacker time fore sure lol.  This is E-Nail Bird of Paradise.  I got as second-hand and I noticed  about the formula is slightly different from what I own.  I went to the counter and got the lady to check it, it seems I got the old version of this color.  This color is still available, but the glitter is different from this old one.  As you can see, the old formula contains more 'chunky' particles.  I guessed that maybe the reason why I dislike it.

I am not saying that Bird of Paradise is not pretty, but I was expecting more.  Be honest, I am not a peachy-pink girl.  It has a hint of gold particles, but very subtle.  It's more for Asian office lady type through.  Don't think I will wear this alone again.


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