January 25, 2014

Abstract Wave Manicure

It's actually a failure, but turns to something unexpected.

I did this manicure at the midnight with half-sleepy eyes.  Oops, something terrible happened...  My Fur fell out like crazy (still in a shock).  After the clean out, the bottle is about 3/4-2/3 full now.  I am so sad, Fur is this month special, and my newest member of the E-Nail collection!  Should I go get a second one? I am still debating.  Yup, the base is Fur and the waves are Dream Lover.  I used red color paint and a sparkle from color bullet to do a bit decoration.

Can someone tell me if I should get a second bottle of Fur? I am so undecided.  This mani is not very detailed, I only spent like 20 mins on it included dealing with the 'accident'. lol   Anyway, I will be much more careful in the future.


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