January 12, 2014

Christmas Theme Waterdeco Nails

Christmas seems so far away already, but I still have the atmosphere on the tips.

This is the first time trying WaterDeco stickers myself.  It may be hard to see in the picture, but the difference between WaterDeco and traditional nail sticker is the thickness.  WaterDeco stickers are much thinner, hence, the manicure becomes more durable.  They can also be used for multi-layer effects without making the nail layer too heavy. Another plus is that the details of the WaterDecos are great. For example, the middle finger ring bell's finest red bows are presented in a photographic way.

 I used E-Nail Wizard of Oz and My Wish as bases with the WaterDecos.  Not too bad right? It's very convenient way to create something more interesting compared to just the colour itself.  I don't really have trouble about the duration of my manicures, but I like how WaterDecos give the manicure another different feeling compared to traditional ones.  My personal favorite is the index finger snowman, it's so adorable :)


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