January 28, 2014

Non-Real Camouflage

I wish I have a right brown to make this look more like the real camouflage.

I was inspired by a look on Nailbook and this is what turned up.  Nailbook is a Japanese nail app available on Apple store for free.  I check it irregularly  since I am not a huge fan for girly and crazy Japanese designs.  I like more free-handed and creative manis.   I tried to find the original design again, but it's no longer available, so strange.  I modified the colors and the designs a bit.  The small finger one supposed to be a star not a flower, just want to clarify this lol  I use E-Nail Wizard of Oz for the green, Little Princess on the ring finger, Chocolate for the middle and index fingers.  Finally, I use Mocha and some color paints for the rest.

It's not very military I have to say, I assume it's a Japanese version of 'cute' camouflage.  This is the first time me doing a camouflage, and I am glad that's something new for me.  My BF really likes this one through.  Chinese New Year is approaching,  time for lots lots lots red and glitters hehehehe!


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