January 23, 2014

Stripes X Dots

Besides it's a very simple manicure, I don't know what else to say lol.

Nothing special about this mani.  I use E-Nail Dream Lover as base, Banana Boat and white color paints for the design.  Notice about how un-straight the lines are? lol.  I personally don't like this very much.  However, every single manicure is a child of mine, and they will be perfected through practices.  Besides that, I did notice about the formula of Dream Lover is slightly different from other E-Nail  polishes I own.  It gets thick and guppy faster than others.  Just remember that it needs more aqua then.

Although I dislike the un-straight lines, I still admire this color combination, the purple and yellow are the combo that I use the most often.  Everyone should know that I love purple by now, right?  I am ready for more and more purple manis in 2014!


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