January 5, 2014

Purple Leopard Prints

Yesss, I already got January 2014 monthly special polish from E-Nail!

It seems like I am promoting E-Nail every time, but I am really in love with this brand.  Don't worry, they didn't pay me to advertise at all lol.  This is E-Nail monthly special of January 2014, called Fur.  It does not look like fur to me at all. I was expecting something red for this month's special *sigh*.  Now I may need to go purchase a red color for Chinese New Year.  I already struggle with the red during the Christmas.  I coupled it with Dream Lover and Ice Cream to create a simple leopard print look.

I also tried something new, the reverse french manicure style.  I have never tired, because I don't know why it's attractive at all. Don't think it makes the illusion that the nail are longer or something, just a stylistic thing. The arc is not prefect, still room for improvement.  Practice will make it better for sure.  My BF thinks it's cute but I should add gold liners.  Maybe next time lol


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