October 26, 2014

Halloween Random Nails

Hi girls, this is my first Halloween creation of this year!

I miss the festival like Halloween so much! It isn't a big celebration in Taiwan, but some school kids still have chance to get some extra candies lol.  This manicure is all very "instinctual".  I didn't plan anything before I started.  It's a kind of 'let the imagination took over' nail art.  I randomly drew those and it actually doesn't look too bad.  The index finger is a new color called Lemon Candy, a very weird mustard yellowy color.  I like weird colors and this is one of the rank!

It's an very easy to do nail art, hope everyone likes it.  I probably will create some more Halloween them manicures, especially Gothic style (no promise, I never guarantee lol).  I have been inspired by many new Youtube Halloween manicure tutorials and may want get a chance to try them :

An early Happy Treat-or-Tricking for everyone!


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