January 13, 2014

[Nail Talk] All about Cuticle Products

Nail cuticle is very important, because it makes your hands and manis look GREAT! Even if you don't do nails, cuticle care makes your hand looks much more healthier. I definitely think that everyone (including boys) should take care their cuticles! This is a long-due post about cuticles.

I am always on hunt for new nail treatments. One because I do at least one manicure per week, sometimes even up to 4, that makes my nail weak and cuticle drier. Secondly I am interested to learn more about different brands and better products.  I have never finished one bottle of nail polish in my life (even the minis),  but I am sure I can use up all my nail cuticle treatments. This is a great investment!

**Warning: This is going to be a long long long post**

My stable nail cuticle treatment is LUSH Lemony Flutter (on the right). This is my holy life saver!!! I apply this balm to my cuticles every single night. Sometimes I even use it on my heels, elbow joints during the winter. I scooped out into small jars and carry around with me all the time. From my last visit of Lush shop, it can also use as hand exfoliator when you add a little bit sea salt in. Of course Lush sales were trying to persuade me to buy their Ocean Salt exfoliator, but I found that using the sea salt from kitchen just works as fine. One pot can last me about 3-4 months.

Let me say upfront  I am not rich, and I initially thought this balm is very expensive especially in North America.  The price is $16.95 both in States and Canada for 45g. For British Columbian, it's like $19 after taxes. From what I heard that it is much cheaper in Europe, but I am not sure. I can assume you that this balm worth every single penny for me. It is usually cheaper than Burt's Bee lemon butter as well if you do the math.  Burt's Bee Lemon butter used to be my staple before Lush lemony flutter. You can find it in a lot of stores. They only have two sizes, small (8.5g) in travel sets or other sets, and large regular one. You cannot usually buy the small size alone and I need more than that for sure, so I only buy the regular ones. The regular price in Vancouver is about 8-9 dollars, sometimes 7 dollars if on sale. I stock them during Christmas 50% off season, so I usually get about 4 bucks for 17g. Strangely, I didn't find this deal during last Christmas anymore *sad*.

The left one is what I found in a whole food store, called Badger's Cream.  It's a certified organic by USDA and a pot is about $ CAD $6-7.  The quality is great and it has a hint of grass smell.  Everything is great, price, amount and quality. The texture is very similar to LUSH's, but it won't work as good as Lemony Flutter. Maybe because it's not meant for cuticle care.  I will repurchase for sure, it's nice to have a jar around.  I heard that Badger also has a cream especially targets cuticle, but I haven't tried it yet.

Next group is oils.  I am not a fan of oil type cuticle treatment, they are runny and not very effective (just to me maybe).  Nevertheless, I always have a bottle sitting beside my laptop and I use it during my computer break.  Compared to balm-like treatments, oil's effect is less obvious for me. I only use them when I only have short time to treat my cuticles.  I used many different brands before, Cuccio, CND and Justnail here.  Although some companies claim their cuticle oil is better than the others, I don't find them very different actually.  I don't have the favorite oil product, I use whatever is easier to buy and cheaper of course. I am using Cuccio Cuticle Oil now, because they are available widely in Taiwan. 

Lastly, it's from my old picture, but I want to tell you the to-go thing is important.  I usually buy large bottle cuticle oils and I repackage them into small tubes so I can have to-go.  It's cheaper compared to buy travel size or the to-go versions company selling.  I know that this post is enough rant, and I should post this long ago.   I hope this is helpful for everyone.  If you have any questions let me know, and I would love to know what other peoples' favorites and the tips of keeping your cuticles healthy :)  Comment below please!


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