February 3, 2014

First Time Foiling!

Been dying to try nail foils and I finally did!

Woo-Hoo! My first ever nail foil experience! I read about how to use nail foils for a long time, but I have so much in mind and didn't get a chance to try this technique by myself.  I got into a huge fight with my mom and went on a mini shopping trip.  The foils are not pricey here, because mostly are made in China lol  I got this foil for NT $ 30 plus the foil special glue NT $100, total is about CAD $4 plus the glue is a huge bottle, what can go wrong with that?

I use E-Nail Mocha as base.  Yeah, have to admit that the foils are not complete transferred.  I still need to work on the glue timing through.  The problem is that the design crackles on the very next day.  I wonder if that's cause by the water-based nail polishes,  because the power of holding is much less than the regular ones.  Anyway, it didn't bother me.  If it's gone, I can do another mani again lol


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