January 1, 2013

[Purchases] 2012 Boxing Day Shopping

I noticed that the stores now have boxing WEEK sales instead of a boxing day sale.  I guess that is because the economic recession and the store try to hold the sales longer in hope to have more customers.  I also noticed that the sale items did not go as fast as they used to be few years ago, unless it is an insanely unbeatable deals.  I don't know what will happen in the future and of course I am concerned.  I am due to get a job after I graduate in May this year, this economic recession really bothers me.

I planned long ago that my first stop in the boxing day is going to LUSH first.  I fell in love with Lush this year and I always adore their lemony flutter cuticle cream! I know that they only have ONE sale in entire year. The buy one get one event after Christmas!

An overview of my boxing day hauls. Not very much, I only made purchases from Lush and Sephora.  I actually want some clothing too, but the lineup is pretty long, it is not worth to wait for the fitting room and elbow with other crazy women in one day.  I am exhausted to make into Sephora already. BTW I am TOOO FAT now and I plan to lose some weight before buying new clothes! I am a fatty :(

I got 4 gifts sets and 4 facial cleansers from Lush.  They are all buy one get one free and I paid about $150 after the taxes. "Hello Gorgeous" gift is not a Christmas gift set and it supposed not be on sale as B1G1.  But Metrotown store messed up and they gave me B1G1 price! I am so happy and actually want to get more.  I returned the second day and the staff said that they made mistakes, the regular gift sets are already back to normal pricing :( Oooops, I should grab another at that time. !!!!!  White Christmas gift set was super popular, I guess that was because of the scent. The set contains mostly Vanilla and honey scent products, which absolutely is my cup of tea.  I also bought four of Christmas limited  facial cleansers: Let The Good Time Roll and Buche De Noel!! Some girls said that they wish Lush can make it as regular products but I don't.  If they are regular products then they won't be sale on the boxing day!  But I cannot buy too much too, because they expire in end of March.  I am sad that they never sale their regular products.  Big shampoo and Lemony Flutter are my daily staples. I would really love to stock them too!

Lush Hello Gorgeous Set, Price $40!

I am excited to try Vanilla Dee-Lite and Comforter Bubble Bar!

Unboxing!! WooHoo!

I love what Lush has sticker showing who made the gift set!
I wonder if the person really looks like the sticker or not LOL

Digging for the products!

 Those are the products in the set. Total 6 items!

Lush White Christmas Set, price $73

All the products contained, I love the star-shape soaps!


The same person makes my Hello Gorgeous set and this one!

I prefer the packaging of Hello Gorgeous set than this one for sure

Dig out the goodies! I am not sure what I am going to do with those plastic bubbles!

All of the products in the set, total 8 items!

Eh...after the unboxing, I am wondering why I paid so much for those items.  They are very expensive tho! the sizes are not big in the gift sets :( so sad.  The box looks big and promising but after taking all the items out, I feel disappointed.  It is not much and it is not worth $150.  I know that Lush is even more expensive without G1B1 event. But I cannot help myself to feel disappointed.

That's all about my Lush boxing day purchase.


I went to Sephora to haul some deals, I really want philosophy purity cleanser for $12. I didn't see any because they were long gone before I made to the store.  So I picked some other items.

Before this, I haven't never tried the cake beauty before. I am just obsessed with hand creams and I found that this set is 50% off.  $18 dollars for 3 X100 ml is an okay price for me. So I picked them up.

This is the boxing day item for $12.  I think that the regular price is about $30. Never tried Boscia  before, but I heard a lot of good reviews about this brand. It is risky to just 'buy for the brand' tho.  I hope that is pretty good to justify $12.

Let's all for my boxing day shopping. Not super massive haul but I am satisfied. I am pretty sure that I won't be disappointed for some after Christmas sales! So let's save some money for that!


  1. wow~ after seeing all the stuff u bought, I really wished I was here for boxing day!!!

    1. It wasn't that exciting seriously! I tried to haul some clothes but it was terrible. I hate to elbow people out :) You didn't miss much!