June 17, 2013

[Purchase] ASK Contour File Arrived!

Yeah! Finally got my new nail file!

My old Sephora nail file broke and I was desperately seeking for a replacement. Some girls on facebook swore by this nail file and I am so curious. I have never heard about ASK cosmetics before. Apparently, they seem to be in business for quite a while. The shape of this nail file really sparks my interest, I have never seen anything similar to this.

ASK cosmetics is having a promotion right now on their website, this nail contour file plus a 5ml TIPS (a nail polish treatment) is around $16 dollars with free shipping. Yes, I know $16 dollars for a nail file is crazy, but consider a good one can be used for a life time lol? I have no need for a nail treatment, because my nails grow just as fine. I consider that 5ml TIPS is a bonus.

The packaging sucks, I have to say. The file is smaller than I imagined too!

It also comes with a thick instruction guide. I read through it and it is very clear how the shape of contour file can achieve. The idea really sounds very promising and I am excited!  By the way, I am also surprised by the fact of  the file is actually made in Korea...lol.

Let's cross the finger that this file is as good as people rant, otherwise it is a waste of my $16 bucks! I will review this soon after 1/2 weeks use, stay tuned!


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