June 3, 2013

[Nail Practice] French Nails

French nail is the basic of a lot of fashionable designs!

Who does not like some little white tips then? I love French manicure, but it is not easy to be mastered. One mistake, it turns a disaster! I used to purchase guideline or tapes to avoid the disaster. The problem is that everyone has slightly different nail curvature, which the guideline usually do not fit with your nails. I tried many different methods, included Konading and other help-tips from online. I haven't tried a method called French Dip yet, because it costs about $12 dollars for a plastic :(  So far, the best method is just practice free-hand skills then! Keep in mind that I still make mistakes as well. This is one of results from my recent attempt.  I prefer to cover over my actual "smile line" to give more space to the tip white, but it really depends on individual preference.

I like to use Essie nail polishes for French manicures, because their brushes are smaller and easier to work with for the detail designs and their formula is more watery. But in theory, any nail polishes should work :) This manicure that I used Essie Blanc for the tip and Mademoiselle for the base.

Just keep practicing, and you can for sure freehand French manicure!


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